Truck 121 has served the Null's Towing fleet faithfully for 4 years, but it's time to upgrade.  The chassis is a 2012 Western
Star 4900FA with an ISX and an 8LL.  Full locking 46,000 pound rears and a non-steerable tag are under the back.  Nestled
in between the 64" tunnel box and the cab is a 6 head Will-Burt LED light tower.  The working end is a 2012 NRC 40/50CSR
with 2 main 40K winches and 2 auxiliary 20K winches.  The stinger is a 4 stage short axle lift rated at 60K retracted, 23K
extended.  Retracted reach is 76" and extended reach is 150".  All forks and bus bars are included.  All chains and straps are
also included in the sale.  Also included are 2 32 ton MatJacks and dual controller, 2 spreader bars, and TowMate wireless
light bar. This unit currently has 1,357 hours on it, and 23,216.4 miles.  This will change as the truck is still in service, and will
continue to be.  Price is $450,000.00.  We will not separate the light tower, but we can add an NRC tag axle for an additional
$20,000.00.  Feel free to call or e-mail any questions to us.